Request for fast credit at the best rate: the guide to make quickly

How to Apply for Credit Quickly While Getting the Best Rate? We will see that it only takes a few minutes to request, but above all get an immediate first opinion on your credit request.

Fast credit request: how to do it?

Fast credit request: how to do it?

Applying for credit online allows you to put the odds on your side to get a quick loan at the best rate. Online simulation makes it easy to compare different offers, but above all to get multiple answers instantly. Here is the procedure for making a quick credit request:

  • Identify the amount of your need and the most suitable type of loan
  • Perform a simulation using an integrated credit comparator, based on the APR rate
  • Get an immediate policy response

Fast credit application: how to identify your project

Fast credit application: how to identify your project

Identifying your need is the first compulsory step in applying for a fast loan. Credit organizations offer several financing solutions (credit without proof of use, car credit, work loan, revolving credit, etc.), all adapted to specific situations. It is important to be aware of what type of loan is desired before embarking on a simulation. Let’s look at the summary table of the loan solutions available on our comparator.

Type of credit requested What there is to know
New car / motorcycle loan
  • Proof of purchase or purchase order required
  • Low fixed APR rate
Used car / motorcycle loan
  • Proof of purchase or purchase order required
  • Fixed APR rate slightly less attractive than for a new car loan
Personal loan
  • Credit without proof of use of money
  • Fixed APR rate very variable from one organization to another
Need money or loan all projects
  • Rates identical to those of the personal loan for any request> 4000 $.
Works loan
  • Proof of achievement or order form required
  • Very advantageous fixed APR rate
Redemption of credits
  • To group several credits into a monthly payment that is easier to repay
Home loan
  • The best alternatives depending on the target project.
Any credit request below 4000 $
  • Proposal of the best revolving credit solutions.

Once the credit identified, it only remains to take the measure of the amount of the fast credit request, as well as the desired repayment duration. Note that the best APR rates are generally associated with the shortest repayment terms (mainly 12 or 24 month credit). Please note, it is always important to apply for a loan corresponding to its repayment capacity. No need to request a credit over 1 year to end up with unbearable monthly payments, the credit will be refused. Estimating your monthly repayment capacity before making a request allows you to have clear ideas before making your request.

The APR rate explained

The APR rate (annual effective annual rate) is essential for consumer credit. This percentage represents the cost of interest, but also includes application or additional fees. The APR rate must always be clearly displayed on a loan offer. An honest credit comparator ranks credit offers according to the level of their APR rate, from the lowest to the highest. This is obviously the case on captain-credit.

The credit comparator, best ally of a fast credit request

The credit comparator, best ally of a fast credit request

It is important not to confuse speed and haste when making a quick credit request. The most common mistake is to go directly to one of the most reputable organizations, without comparing. This lack of attention can result in credit being declined, or accepted, at a much more expensive rate than that posted by another credit specialist.

Using a credit comparator allows you to put your finger on a cheap credit, but above all to obtain several immediate answers. Credit agencies actually take options on their offers: some have the habit of offering personal loans at very advantageous rates, but are lagging behind on the comparison of auto credit rates. This is particularly why it is always advisable to use a comparison tool directly connected to the offers of several of the best specialists.

Obtain a positive opinion on your credit application

There is no point in knowing how to apply for credit quickly to find yourself facing a declined credit. By simulating a credit request on our comparator, it is possible to obtain several responses immediately. This non-binding service makes it possible to avoid carrying out multiple isolated simulations, synonymous with significant loss of time.

Fast credit application: how long to get the money?

A quick credit request takes only a few minutes, which is the time to indicate your need and inform you of your situation. The policy response is immediate. Let’s take a look at the steps to follow in order to quickly get the money from your loan:

  1. Apply for credit quickly using a credit comparator with immediate response.
  2. Obtain several opinions and choose the organization likely to accept the request for rapid credit at the best rate.
  3. Sign the contract offer received by email (within 24 hours) electronically or send the complete file by post.
  4. The organization provides a final response as soon as possible, within 48 to 72 hours on average.

Once the fast credit application is completed, the lender is required to meet a minimum of eight days before being able to deposit the money into the account. The borrower has a right of withdrawal corresponding to 14 working days from the date of acceptance of the loan. It thus takes an average of 12 to 14 days between the request for rapid credit and the obtaining of funds on his account.

Fast credit application: what to remember

Fast credit application: what to remember

The best way to make a quick credit request is to use a credit comparator with immediate policy response. This is a non-binding approach, intended to take cognizance of the organizations likely to accept his request. It is concretely possible to obtain several immediate answers, before choosing the best APR rate. A fast credit request declined by all the specialists of our comparator allows for example to rethink its request differently.

Good to know: some organizations do not offer solutions adapted to all situations. It is, for example, difficult to obtain a youth loan.

Can you apply for rapid credit within a bank?

The system set up by the banks is rather opposed to a demand for rapid credit. You should first know that banks generally lend only to their best customers, namely the wealthiest. Some credit simulators provide an answer in principle, but this is rarely a final contract proposal. Above all, in the case of a first favorable opinion, the bank in question will need time to study the request. When it comes to a bank different from your own, you will most of the time have to open an account. Our various simulations finally indicate that credit without a bank – that of organizations – displays rates that are always more attractive overall. Finding out from your bank is only interesting for certain borrowers, and certainly not the most in a hurry!