Refusal of a Loan? Reasons for the Rejection of the Application by a Non-bank Institution

Non-bank loans can be a lifebuoy for our finances.” Unfortunately, our application will not always pass a positive verification. Why can it be rejected? fleshes this out

Finances are difficult to keep in check. Continuous fees, expenses and pleasures, which are hard to deny, make us barely make ends meet. Non-bank loans may be a support for our funds. Simple to apply, with instant transfer of funds to your account, they can help us in more than one situation. Unfortunately, the lender may not always accept our application. There are many reasons why you can reject the borrower’s application.

No creditworthiness

No creditworthiness

The most common cause is low or no creditworthiness. The lenders are counting on credible clients, which is why we are struck by the lack of regular income and an entry in the debtors’ register. Also, the lack of any credit history can ruin our chances. Therefore, it is worth taking loans tailored to our financial capabilities and always pay them back on time. Thanks to this we will build a positive credit history.

Unfortunately, not everyone can manage their budget properly. The level of financial awareness of Poles is very low. In the survey carried out by the OECD, Poles were ranked last among the 30 countries considered. The level of knowledge, behavior and financial plans were considered. That’s why you should know how to check your creditworthiness and apply for budget support. The best help are special calculators, taking into account the most important parameters, namely:

  • Income,
  • The level of monthly expenses related to maintenance and pleasures that we can not refuse,
  • Current financial liabilities (other loans and credits),
  • Number of people living in the household.

We will quickly see what amount of loan we can count on so as not to plunge our finances and avoid the spiral of debt.

Errors in the registration form

Errors in the registration form

If we want to get a loan online, we should carefully fill out the form. Even small typos are a problem. For this reason, when we finish completing the application, let’s examine it carefully again. All inaccuracies may cause the lender not to be able to verify us, which will deny us the funds that we counted on.

But not only meticulous when completing the application is important when we take loans. Borrowing should be safe, so we also verify the non-bank institution. We should choose a reliable company that does not hide any information and clearly presents the terms of borrowing.

Failure to meet the requirements of the lender

Failure to meet the requirements of the lender

The reason for the rejection of the application may also be failure to meet the requirements set by the lender. Most often it is about our age. We must be adults, but many non-bank institutions raise the lower age limit. It is not 18 years, but 20 or even 21. The upper limit is also mobile – sometimes a loan can be given to people over 80, and sometimes 60 years already excludes us from the possibility of applying.

Potential clients must also be Polish citizens and have a stable income. Importantly, we do not delete the contract for the work or income from the pension. A non-bank loan may be granted not only to people working full-time. Therefore, let’s make a bold application, even if our remuneration comes from other sources. In addition, you must have an active mobile number and an account with the Polish bank.

Verification transfer from another person’s account

Verification transfer from another person

The lenders require us to make a verification fee in order to verify the credibility of our identity. If we make a transfer from another person’s account, the lender will not accept it. Therefore, do not use the account of a mother, sister or a friend. It must be our bank account. The required fee is usually the amount of one penny or one zloty. The sooner we send it to the lender’s account, the sooner we will receive the funds from the loan. Let’s remember about these important elements, and soon our budget will be credited.